About Us

The In Home Care Support Agency is funded by the Australian Government's Department of Education

Our role as the In Home Care Support Agency for Tasmanian is to:

  • determine which families meet eligibility criteria for the IHC Program
  • match families to IHC Service Providers that have educators available that meet their needs
  • advocate for families
  • develop Family Management Plans and review them each quarter
  • work with IHC Service Providers to ensure IHC service provision is high quality and focused on education and care for children
  • provide opportunities for professional development and support for IHC educators. IHC Services are responsible for educator’s employment arrangements
  • promote the IHC Program so that families that need it, know about it


Meet the Team

Annette Barwick

Annette Barwick

General Manager

Roxanne Ellis

Roxanne Ellis

IHC Agency Manager


Natalie Rider

IHC Agency Support Officer

How we help...



  • assessing your circumstances against the program eligibility criteria
  • developing a Family Management Plan that outlines your specific needs and requirements
  • matching you with an IHC Service Provider with educators that can meet your needs
  • supporting you to transition to mainstream services, if/when appropriate
  • identifying referral pathways to other support services such as the NDIS and community‑based services, and assist you to access these services

…In Home Care Service Providers

  • working together to ensure In Home Care is of a high quality and meets the unique needs of families and is focused on education and care for children
  • working together to ensure requirements of the IHC Program Guidelines are met
  • advise IHC Service Providers of any change in the circumstances of families and provision of updated Family Management Plan
  • promote the In Home Care Program and provide information to assist in the establishment of new IHC Services
  • provide advice on the allocation of places within Tasmania

…In Home Care Educators

  • provide guidance and educational material for providing education and care in the family home
  • establish a community of practice amongst educators to support enhance knowledge and understanding of good practices
  • be an independent party if concerns relating to safety of the physical environment are raised

About Lady Gowrie Tasmania

The IHC Support Agency for Tasmania is operated by Lady Gowrie Tasmania

 Our Mission

Lady Gowrie Tasmania’s core business is the provision of quality programs and services to the community that promotes the best outcomes for children, families and early and middle childhood professionals.


Our Vision

Lady Gowrie Tasmania’s vision is that:

  • Families are supported
  • Children realise their full potential and are at the heart of all practice
  • Early and middle childhood education and care services are valued and supported
  • Qualified and experienced early and middle childhood educators are vital
  • Ongoing professional learning and development enhances practice
  • Quality matters
  • The community benefits