Becoming an IHC Service

A service of an approved provider, approved as an IHC service under family assistance law, that delivers approved care for children in the family home.

In Home Care is licenced through the Tasmanian Department of Education, Education and Care Unit.

The Child Care Act (Tasmania) 2001 provides the State legislative framework for child care services. These services are also referred to as ‘out of scope’ services as they are not regulated under the National Quality Framework (NQF).

The objective of IHC is to provide a high quality, flexible early childhood education and care option to families for whom other approved child care options are not available of appropriate due to their unique circumstances.

The IHC Support Agency has a key role in promoting the IHC program to support IHC provision, particularly in areas with limited IHC coverage. Existing Approved Providers that do not offer IHC may like to explore IHC service provision as an option for expanding the child care services types you provide.

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